About me

PhatAssGlassHello I’m E-Jipt. I’m the owner and creator of this website. I make all of the glass pipes and water pipes listed on here. I have 10 years of glassblowing experience. I am 28 years old and currently living in Virginia.

I have spent the majority of my career traveling the country by various means, meeting and working in different glassblowing shops. I have been in many headshops all over our country and know how hard it can be to find decent quality glass at a fair price.

I created EJiptsGlassArt.com to help share my work with a larger audience.

I take a high amount of pride in my work. I refuse to cut corners to make products faster. I want my work to be as clean as possible, and am very uptight about the finished quality of my pieces. I want everything to come out flawless and will only sell work I am personally satisfied with.